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We have published work by Dan Conner (Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey), Patricia Krmpotich (Equilibrium), Justine McKinney (Exposure), Allen Bellman (Captain America), Aaron Ancheta (Scott Pilgrim), Skylar Patridge (Crowded), and plenty more!

boutique publishing focused on works for any age

Many of our products are assembled and stapled by hand and we specialize in comics which are appropriate for even young readers while still being interesting to kids and adults.

my gal, the zombie – our flagship title

Our most prominent title is My Gal, the Zombie, by Dan Conner, Patricia Krmpotich, Justine McKinney, and friends.

It’s about everyone’s best friend who, upon no fault of her own, becomes a zombie. But, that’s no reason for her friends to give up on her!

My Gal, the Zombie is kind of like Bewitched, but with a zombie instead of a witch!”
-Dan Conner

“If you like Archie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ll love My Gal, the Zombie!”
-Patricia Krmpotich

My Gal, the Zombie has also spun off into its own horror host TV series, which has aired in markets throughout the United States, and a variety of merchandise items, such as hot sauce and cosmetics.

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Many of our titles are exclusively available at our conventions and signings.

You can also get some of our titles and plenty of other work from our creators from Amazon (see works by Dan Conner at this link).

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